Sunday, November 11, 2012

Voice Thread

After listening to all the voice threads in my group, I like Keri’s Bienvenue a la classe de francais and Jinsoo’s VoiceThread. In Keri’s voice thread, students are asked to introduce themselves and tell why they would like to learn French and what kind of activities they hope to have in the class. Keri has very clear instruction in the voice thread as to how to use the voice thread. I like Keri’s idea of using voice thread as the introduction to the course, especially if it is an online course. The use of VT and the presence of classmates introducing themselves through VT make it like a real classroom discussion. Students can hear each other’s voices and even know each other’s faces if they set pictures in their account.
Jinsoo uses the VT as a platform for discussion of a specific topic. Voice Thread is great for discussion or debate as multiple people can voice their opinions. And Second language teacher could use this topic discussion method to engage students to speak. Besides, the way students comment on voice thread instead of talking directly to the classmates could encourage some students who are shy and who are usually reluctant to speak in the classroom to voice their ideas. 

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  1. You have highlighted two very good Voice Threads.