Sunday, September 23, 2012

Human doing or human being?

The name of the blog post I commented is called If You've Got a Pulse, You've Got a Purpose   in the blog Cool Cat Teacher Blog . I love reading Mrs. Davis's blog because she not only reflects on education, but also on life. As she was busying writing and discussing with teachers of the Flat classroom group one day from five in the early morning till seven in the evening, she began to reflect that she was so busy "doing" that she was not "being"! In the hustle and bustle of modern day life, we are so busy working from eyelids open till eyelids shut that we unconsciously miss a lot of beauties in our life. Passions are gone and days become repeating routines. In fact, a lot of teachers are at this risk when teaching becomes a set pattern of lesson planning and homework correcting. 

    I really like the five steps Mrs. Davis wrote about regaining the "being".

    1. Are you so busy doing that you're not being?    
    2. There are beautiful moments in every period of life 
    3.  So, right now I'm noticing 
    4.  Just take a minute to breathe in and out
    5.  Find the meaning in this moment and your life will have meaning. 
Behold the beauty in this day and you're days will come together to make a beautiful life. 

 Life needs passion, career needs enthusiasm. Don't allow "doing" to take over your "being". Take every chance to enjoy the moment you have, we need to live in the moment. 


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  1. As teachers we often fall into the "doing" trap. Thanks for your link to the post about "being."